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  1.目前 so far ; by far
      2.一些 a range of ; a variety of ; a series of ; an array of
  3.无数 innumerable ; countless
 4.许多 plenty of ; many ; much ; a great deal of ; a lot of ; ample
    5.趋势trend  tendency,inclination
    6.依序列举 list in sequence
    7.不确定be likely to ,potentially, presumably
    8.重要的essential ,significant,vital,crucial,critical,fundamental
    9.有益的beneficial, conducive ,instrumental
    10.有害的detrimental, harmful, virulent
    11.过时的 outdated ; antiquated ; outmoded ; obsolete ;anachronistic; out of  time
 12.短暂的 ephemeral ; transitory ; transient ; short-lived
 13.不合时宜的 anachronism
 14.可持久的 durable ; able to stand wear ; last a long time
 15.一再的 time after time ; again and again
 16.初始的 preliminary
 17.前述的 aforementioned ; aforesaid ; former
 18.自古到今 from ancient times to the present day ;down through the ages
  20.后果consequence  aftermath; outcome
 21.老式的 old-fashioned ; out of date ; dated
 22.偶尔 from time to time ; now and then ; once in a while ; at times
 23.时常 often ; frequently ; repeatedly
    24.永远的 eternal ; perpetual ; lasting throughout life
 26.重整办事优先顺序 reshape priorities
 27. 阻止贪婪犯罪prevent the acquisitive crime
    28.怀疑的  be sceptical of
    29.笼统地说 broadly speaking
    30.贫困和不公平的产物 .a product of poverty and inequality